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Our Expertise

Strategy, Planning, Project Management & CTO Consulting

Creating a digital strategy around your brand's vision, goals and possibilities. Planning projects effectively to align the business and your team with this strategy. The project management to see your projects through.

Mobile Apps

PoCs, MVPs, HYGCs and other miscellaneous acronyms we can make up...But also creating native mobile iOS and Android apps for extra touch points with your customers or for completely new experiences. Connected to backend systems to be data driven.

Websites, eCommerce & Web-Apps

Creating effective responsive websites to achieve your goals, be they creating leads, making sales, viewing and managing actions and data, or just bragging rights for have a slick website.

UI & UX Design

Building beautiful work that you and your customers like using, which also gives you results. Why make something look nice if it doesn't work well? What is UX anyway?

Platform Integrations & Extensions

Connecting CRMs, eCommerce, Accounting, Warehouse and Distribution softwares to reduce manual handling, ensure error-free operation, and let you focus on what you do best: Running your business.

Branding & Marketing

Position yourself upright and in the market you want, oozing the feel you identify with. Then make your customers see you above the crowd, and give them an emotional connection they won't forget.

What we do best?

Combining all of our expertise above into every project we work on. Thank us later.

Case Studies


Multilingual eCommerce Website with Warehouse and Distribution Integrations


Slendier sell low-carb and low-calorie meal solutions, like konjac noodles and black bean spaghetti. Slendier were selling these products via their eCommerce store in Australia, to supermarkets in Australia and throughout Europe, and were growing quickly.

It's quite common to see SMEs outgrow their early stage website/eCommerce solutions (which have served them well) as well as requiring general direction in terms of how best to use technology in their business.

We worked with Slendier to clean up and optimise their website, which was built on Wordpress and WooCommerce, and modify it such that it was ready for translated content. Working with an external translation partner we've deployed the site in several other languages and been sure to handle geolocation and SEO multi-content issues.

Another issue Slendier was facing was the manual updating of stock and orders between WooCommerce, their warehouse running Carton Cloud and their stock management software Unleashed. We built custom integrations to sync stock and batch numbers from Unleashed to WooCommerce, to sync orders from WooCommerce to Unleashed and Carton Cloud, and finally send their customers tracking details.

Thought Leaders

CTO Consultations, Strategy, IT Management, Training and Web Application Development


Thought Leaders' main venture is running Thought Leaders Business School (TLBS) which is a program designed to teach industry leaders how to successfully run their Practice. At the heart of this program, well except for Peter Cook and Matt Church, is the private community platform Thought Leaders Central.

While there are lots of community platforms out there, there was nothing which suited the TLBS model, they needed more. We worked with Thought Leaders to customise an off-the-shelf community platform, as well as designing and building an integrated dashboard platform. This enables the community to track their Practice activities and sales, their weekly actions with notifications, receive achievements and much more.

The dashboard enables the administrators to generate reports, view live up to date metrics and send broadcast SMSs, and also runs various daily, weekly and monthly jobs to automatically update user data, send notifications and reports.

We also work with Thought Leaders in an on-going capacity as their consulting CTO and have completed projects to consolidate their IT resources, increase user and company security by deploying 1Password, migration to Google Apps, recruiting and training IT staff as well as being general strategy counsel.

Thought Leaders

iOS and Android Hybrid App Development, Data Design, API Development and Hosting


AITSL, the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, is aimed at developing expertise and empowering teachers and school leaders to create better education outcomes for Australian children.

We worked with AITSL through an external agency to develop the My Induction iPhone and Android apps. The My Induction app brings together resources and activities to support teachers' development in the first few years of their careers.

The app was built using Wordpress as a "headless" CMS such that the app content could be updated easily by AITSL without having to rebuild and publish the app each time.

The app featured the ability to access to curated resources, use of a mood tracker to monitor your professional wellbeing, see advice to common questions from highly accomplished and lead teachers, de-stress with "calming" videos in the take 5 section, and share and favourite resources to social media.

We built the app using hybrid technologies with Ionic and Angular, allowing minimal investment and easy deployment to multiple platforms and targets. The backend was a custom built API on top of Wordpress which included request caching and admin report generation.


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